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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? How about a 2003 Vespa ET4?SOLD!!!

21 November 2011

We also are thankful for the best damn scooter customers in the midwest. and some great customer is gonna find their way into this little scooter shop and get a fantastic scoot!  On the shop floor and awaiting a rider, we offer a sweet 2003 Vespa ET4 with only 2,700 miles.  the displacement is 148.58, bore x stroke = 62.6mm x 48.6mm, compression ratio ranges from 10.1 to 11.1:1, fuel capacity is 2.4 gal, she weighs in at 236 lbs…but foregt all the technical crap, the only thaing that matters is this baby is Pearl in color, she is serviced and ready to rally and as attractive as the color is the price…$2,495.00

for those still reading, if you want a new scoot for Christmas let your spouse, partner, lover, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grand pappy, me maw, cousin, nephew, momma or daddy know that Side Car Jimmy down at the scooter shop has what you want.  Call 937-604-5966.  New and Used scooters for sale all the time.  Call for the latest inventory.  Tell ’em Degee sent ya.

Award Winning o.G 1974 Rally 200 (it don’t get any better) $4,500SOLD! SOLD!! SOLD!!!!

28 July 2011

Be the envy of any scooter geek when you ride in to rally on this machine…not much to say, LOW miLes and freshly serviced.

This scoot is styling and profiling, has a storage scratch or two, but that don’t matter.  Fire this up!  Call your scooter shop!

Tasty Orange Stella LOADED with cHroMe $2,495 SOLD SOLD SOLD

28 July 2011

4-29-11 updater-this scoot found a new home and is off an adventure!  Wishing the new owner good luck and safe travels!


Rent Quadrophenia and you’ll want to add a few more mirrors on this little beotch!  If this scoot won’t steal your mind nothing will…did We say Steel?  Stellas are solid scoots and tons of fun.  Only 3,200 miles–New Tires–and Priced RIGHT-

Don’t see what you want?  Make the same mistake I did and tell Jimmy what you’re looking for and he’ll find it.  Remember!  September is the best month to ride scooters

Kind 1975 Honda 200T For Sizzle $1995 _SOLD SOLD SOLD!

28 July 2011

4-29-11 Pablo hated to see this one go, but gone it is.  Pablo says don’t stall, if you see something for sale get on it quick.  These scoots and bikes go fast once they hit the website.

Get on this classic quick! Bikes this cool don’t come around often.

Fresh Service-New Tires…Jimmy says this one is “a nice piece” what are you waiting for?  $1,995

1959 King Midget Micro Car $3,995S0LD S0LD S0LD

27 April 2011

4-29-11 Update- Whatever this  is, it’s sold.  You should have seen Pablo looking all crooked at this thing.


WTF! Who the hell knows what this thing is…Jimi send me a photo on his cell phone and says SELL IT! So here it is, a 1959 King Micro Car. Has been in the second owners possession since 1962

Call Jimi for info on this 937-604-5966

2009 Buddy 125 with Top Case and More! $1,995 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

27 April 2011

SOLD SOLD SOLD  That’s we do around here, we sell scoots!  Stay posted to the website or call for current inventory, it can change daily!  Tell em Pablo sent ya!


71…that’s right seventy one miles on this one, buddy!  Orange Vintage paint, Upgraded NCY Disc Brake and Fork.  Add a Top Case and this  great deal will get you  scootering.  Need More?!?!  We’ll throw in a helmet.  Now go get that motorcycle permit or endorsement you’ve been talking about and and ride.

Waiting for the rain to stop before buying a scooter?

It just stopped.

Great weekend weather + pent up demand for riding = A gazillion scooter friends on the road.

Still need more?  How about a Rally? SEE BELOW AFTER THIS PHOTO OG YOUR NEW BUDDY

Here is some WKRP Rally info also out now on Looks like more details and pre-reg instructions coming soon! It’s a camping Rally this year!

WKRP 2011: Toga, Toga, Panty Raid!
Date: Apr. 29th-1st,2011
Location: Oxford, OH
In this episode of WKRP, the gang decides to leave behind the woes of the big
city and heads to the small college town of Oxford, OH for a weekend of team
building at a local campground. (That’s right folks! This year, WKRP is a
camping rally!!!) Amidst their trip, the gang finds themselves wrapped up in the
local college culture and ends up hosting a toga party!

So, bring your camping gear, your scoot, your best toga and prepare for a WKRP
like you’ve never experienced before!

$25 pre-reg, $30 at the door.
Mark your calendars! More details and pre-reg instructions coming soon!

1982 German Market P200 17,000 kilometers $2,350

27 April 2011

This is the chop owners scooter and is well known around these parts.  A true classic in original Italian Red paint.    If your looking for solid and unique, this is your scoot.

Call Jim  937-604-5966 be sure to ask about the other Vespas and and more we have for sale. Looking for something particular?  Let us know we may run across it..

german market p200 For Sale Vespa P200 Scooter


**UPDATE-Sold in 30 Minutes!*** Pablo says “this big wheel Piagio BV 200 rocks! just sold $2,100

3 March 2011

***UPDATE*** When Pablo talks people listen, or in this case search the internet.  Within 30 minutes of this scoot being listed for sale on this here web site, some cat outta RoundTown Ohio called up and bought this sucker over the phone.  Side Car Jimmy is gonna trailer this beotch over to him at noon today.  All I know is Pablo better get an extra biscuit or two this week for calling this one.  ‘Pablo Don’t Scoot’ bumper stickers coming soon***

with only 600 miles this scoot is better than new!  Just serviced and new battery installed.  This one won’t last!

2005 Piagio BV 200

2002 Bajaj Legend Runs Great! For Sale $750 6,000 Miles

3 March 2011

Rahul Bajaj built about a gazillion of these scoots.  They have been reliably transporting the good folks of India through the cities and countrysides for years.  Here’s your chance to pick one up at a great price.  New Battery, recent oil change.  In need of rear brake drum.2002 Bajaj Legend For Sale in Ohio

1963 Triumph Tina Project For Sale $1,100SOLD!!!

3 March 2011

Side Car Jim says all parts are here to get started on this vintage Triumph scooter!  Pablo will hate to see this one go.  If you’ve been looking for something to work on this is it!  Call Now

1963 Triumph Tina Project For Sale