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What’s going on at the Scooter Shop?

We damn sure ain’t burning up much fuel oil.  The only oil we seem to be going through is two stroke and high performance four stroke.  This globally warmed planet has been great for scootin’.  Lot’s of local and regional scooter enthusiasts have been getting miles racked up when we’re usually cooped up with cabin fever.

What’s it all mean?  If you’re like me, you’re NOT thinking about good scooter maintenance, routine tune-ups and oil changes.  But alas, I know most folks care about their scoots and want to keep them in top condition so you don’t break down on the side of the road (like some folks I know).  Get your scooters in and get ’em fast.  We can tune up and change vital stuff so 2012 just won’t be the year, but the number of miles you ride before summer.

Don’t be like Jimmy Cooper, look how mad he get’s when he realizes he should have gotten his scooter serviced at Scooter Source:

Damn Jimmy, f#@%ing relax dude, you didn’t have to ditch that sweet scoot with all the mirrors cause you got some shwaggy oil from the wrong shop!  Side Car Jimmy could have gotten you all fixed up right, oh well, looks like you walking back to Brighton Beach.

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