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1959 King Midget Micro Car $3,995S0LD S0LD S0LD

4-29-11 Update- Whatever this¬† is, it’s sold.¬† You should have seen Pablo looking all crooked at this thing.


WTF! Who the hell knows what this thing is…Jimi send me a photo on his cell phone and says SELL IT! So here it is, a 1959 King Micro Car. Has been in the second owners possession since 1962

Call Jimi for info on this 937-604-5966

4 Responses to “1959 King Midget Micro Car $3,995S0LD S0LD S0LD”

  1. daniel gebhart Says:

    King Midget Car. Kit with chain drive. No gears. Parts made in PA.

  2. daniel gebhart Says:

    king midget was a kit car chain driven, no gears. Sold by mail. Usually advertised in mags with x ray glasses, magic tricks etc. There is a national king midget club. They had their yearly convention here in Dayton, OH. a few years ago. Very unique vehicle and extremely rare. They sell for high prices at auctions.

  3. daniel gebhart Says:

    You got me hot about the King Midget so I began researching its history. Very interesting. Look it up on your search engine and you’ll find several sites devoted to King Midgets which at one time were manufactured in Dayton, OH. Do you still have it? I’d like to stop by and see it. I live near the rout 48 and route 73 intersection.

  4. daniel gebhart Says:

    Several sites regarding the King Midget. Check them out. At on time they were manufactured in Dayton, Ohio You’ve got me hooked on the. I’m sure I’ll do a lot more research on their history. Do you still have it? I live near the Warren and Montgomery counties lines and would love to stop by and see it. Also looking for Mopeds. Do you have any for sales?

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