Scooter Source Inc.: Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of vintage scooters

Welcome to Scooter Source!

We are located in Lytle Five Points, just South of Dayton OH off State Route 73, See directions on our contact page.

3 Responses to “Welcome to Scooter Source!”

  1. Vivian H Says:


    Love that google, great site. Take care….

  2. docbob84xyl Says:

    Scootersource rocks !

    No one knows Vintage scoots like the team at scootersource and the are square dealing good doods.

    Thanks Jimmi ….My Vespa loves you man

  3. eric miller Says:

    I have a 1961 sears allstate scooter that I want restored to original condition. Do you do this or know someone that does within the ohio area? Please email me if you do!


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