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New Vespas At Scooter Scource and vintage scooters

Took the whole family on a Sunday drive and met Jim down at his new shop.  Just a few hundred feet south of the old shop.  Split the scooter bodies in between the white fence posts and down the gravel drive.

You’ll find several new Vespas ready for riding a few vintage scoots and more.

photo of New Vespas For Sale at Scooter Scource

Call Jim for the run down on inventory or come on by and see the new shop.  Jim said the place was packed Saturday.  People are stoked over the new shop and location.  Call Jim at 937-604-5966.

New Scoots For Sale at Scooter Scource

Our little visit was cut short when a rider down call came in and had to split to the scene of the crash.  rider is OK, ol’ blue a little scratched and that was it, we had to head to grandmas for supper.

2009 Piaggio MP3 For Sale at Scooter Scource

Drove through Lytle, Spring Valley, Old Town and on into Enon, where we were met by fresh coffee, biscuits and gravy and  omelets.

My gal on a like new vespa

So thanks Jim for the look around the shop and visit.  Glad Natalie is OK.  Remember Call Jim at 937-604-5966 for more info on these and more scoots.  Get one and get out and ride!

(teresa will totally shat if she see’s this photo online )…I’ll have to buy her this scoot…

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